The Festival of the Spoken Nerd is live on stage in "Full Frontal Nerdity", the absolutely unique stand-up science show that brings you binary scarves, cryonic love songs, pearl necklaces against gravity, fire tornadoes, smoke rings, electric gerkhins and a spectacular flaming nerd anthem. **** Explodes with curiosity and joy ... As smart as it is silly - The Sun **** "Perfect for Mythbusters fans or Brainiac fans who are ready for a real science. " - The Skinny **** "Great, funny, smart ...

Festival of the Spoken Nerd are the science comedy phenomenon that feeds your brain, tickles your ribs, and lights your bunsen burner. Full frontal nerdity guaranteed! Stand-up mathematician Matt Parker (Discovery Channel you were warned about), experimentation maestro Steve Mold (ITV1 who I never knew about the UK about), and geek singer Helen Arney (BBC2 Coast) mix amazing science with statistically significant comedy as well as experiments that electrify their electricity audience - sometimes literally.


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