In this brilliant one-man show, meek Steven Banks comes home after a long day on his cul-de-sac and still dreams of being a rock star. Steven receives a message on his machine from his boss, Mr. Buttle, informing him that he never received an urgent speech that Steven wrote for the board of directors. Steven has to mix up to write a new one, but he has less than an hour to do so. On the way he constantly hesitates and distracts himself from the task at hand, playing with toys and various musical instruments, baking cookies, putting on costumes, leafing through an old high school yearbook and playing some funny original songs. Meanwhile, he has to deal with his grumpy landlord Mr. Mescue, his most affectionate friend Phoebe, and even a broken toilet. Will Steven ever finish his speech? Or does fate have something else in mind for him?


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