Based on 15 years of footage, The Things We Keep is both an intimate look at friendship and a celebration of the world's shared humanity.

Casey, the new roommate, was everything Alessandro wasn't. He was energetic and adventurous - even charismatic. But instead of getting angry, Alessandro began to document this strange creature with his video camera. You were in your early twenties and lived in Rome ... Every shared experience felt new and exciting. But when Casey moved to the Middle East to work as a television journalist, Alessandro's world got even more cranked. Alessandro began collecting Casey's footage and was soon on his travels. There were smugglers in Mali, medics in Gaza, and snipers in Aleppo ... The world beyond Alessandro's comfortable, stagnant life in the West became huge and real. For years, Alessandro lived on behalf of Casey until they both began to change. Thanks to Alessandro's thoughtful approach to life, Casey finally began to look inward while Alessandro found the courage to break out of his comfort zone.


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