A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer makes methamphetamine and sells it to help secure his family's future.

When Walter White, a chemistry teacher in New Mexico, is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and predicted to live only two years he is filled with a sense of fearlessness and a relentless desire to secure his family's financial future at all costs as he enters the dangerous world of drugs and crime.
YEARS2008 - 2013



Lol you can't compare these two , scam 1992 is good series but Breaking Bad is an emotion, a whole mood , I'm just wishing i can forget breaking bad from my mind so that i can watch it again actually i want to live it again , breaking bad series for life alwaysaliencode007 - 20 hoursI still forget that I watched the entire Breaking Bad series in 10 days back in March...slacy_ - YesterdayI don't why I have discovered breaking bad series today.. This shit is liit.. Where was I all this timeTushmine - YesterdayStarting breaking bad series finale..edcampos92 - 2 daysEven after all of these years, I'm still in awe at the thought and planning that Vince Gilligan put into the colors and symbolism used for the entire Breaking Bad series. Everytime I watch it, I notice more and more. ???? MeikaGrimm - 3 days

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