The Weinschau is an innovative and practical study on the world of wine. With short films on various wine-related topics, from wine fraud to food matching. Going through the series is something special in Italy as the two presenters visit locations across Italy to refine a box of wine that represents what Italy is all about.

At the Wine Show, the series' main presenters and avid newbies to wine, actors Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys, take us on a fresh, informative and entertaining journey into wine, looking behind the labels of all types of bottles, from the wine we make enjoy every day with our dinner, to really, really fine things. From their villa in the Italian countryside, Goode and Rhys take on a new challenge each week as they explore different parts of Italy and discover some of the country's best wines and the stories that surround them. Together with Matthew & Matthew on their entertaining educational journey, the passionate experts of the show, Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer, accompany them skillfully on their way.
YEARS2016 -



Great reads... Can't wait for the new series of the Wine Show.... valallenartist - 2 weeks

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